(Future marketing strategy for end2020)

The increasing renown of the Carlton Brands has encouraged partnerships with leading Real Estate brokers and consultancies around the world who share their knowledge, expertise and their portfolios with the Carlton Group and its international clientele. Carlton Global is developing an internet portal ( giving value to an outstanding portfolio of properties located in choice, selected, global environments. Each enquiry will be managed with a personalized response and for each property a competent and friendly consultant, perfectly familiar with all aspects both of the property and its environment, will ensure that proper information and advice is given to potential purchasers. Carlton Global partners are each expert in their areas, familiar with all the legal, fiscal and practical aspects of property purchase. They will accompany our clients throughout their research and through the purchase procedure, providing trustworthy after-purchase support and advice in all matters regarding the management and improvement of their clients’ homes. The founders of Carlton Global, Carlton International, based on the French Riviera and in Portugal, has been attributed membership in the Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate guideand features on the web portal. The company participates in International Property Forums each year. Carlton International is also a founder member of the professional association of International Realtors, PRESTIGE MLS , listed at .


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